Dido + Aeneas

You were never fated to be mine

Not by numbers, star-charts, or tarot card readings

We met anyway, whether by some cruel gods or house party

I got a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea in your eyes,

So decided to taste the storm.

To call you Aeneas would inflate your bloated ego

Your wooden horse is not filled with heroes but with air

No divine quest, no country to found

Just a weary traveler, searching for a long-dead applause.

Looking to fulfill your own self-purpose.

I loved you anyway,

Or, despite you anyway.

I bestowed to you all that I possessed,

My support, my knowledge, my heart, my bed

Luring me in with no promise of a tomorrow, warning that I was never yours.

I’ve had lovers: before, during and after,

But Aeneas has never pained me so much.

Thief in the night, you tried to slink away

I caught you with her, your new quest.

Do not take me for a fool.

I’m not your Dido, I will not beg for you.

I will not build a funeral pyre and burn.

I will engulf the Heavens and Earth

You will know me as your Queen.

Our paths will cross again.

I’ll be on my quest, you on yours,

Catching a glimpse of my glimmer and gold.

You will beg for me, but I’ll turn away.

My destiny doesn’t lie with you.

About the Author


Ellen Ricks is a professional tutor and freelance writer living in Fort Ann, NY. She has a BFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Potsdam. Ellen has been published in Potsdam People and North Country Literary Magazine, and was a finalist in the 2014 Norman Mailer Creative Writing Contest for two-year colleges (creative non-fiction). She also runs the fashion blog Sarcasm In Heels. When not writing, Ellen likes pumpkin spice everything and taking down the patriarchy.


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